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Welsh Grid for Learning

PH1 Motion, Energy & Charge

PH1.1 Basic Physics

PH1.2 Kinematics

PH1.3 Energy Concepts

PH1.4 Conduction of Electricity

PH1.5 Resistance

PH1.6 DC Circuits

PH2 Waves and Particles

PH2.1 Waves

PH2.2 Refraction of Light

PH2.3 Photons

PH2.4 Matter, Forces and the Universe

PH2.5 Using Radiation to Investigate Stars

PH3 Practical Physics

Practical Task

PH4 Oscillations and Fields

PH4.1 Vibrations

PH4.2 Momentum Concepts

PH4.3 Thermal Physics

PH4.4 Electrostatic and Gravitational Fields of Force

PH4.5 Application to Orbits in the Solar System and the Wider Universe

PH5 Electromagnetism and Nuclei

PH5.1 Capacitance

PH5.2 B-Fields

PH5.3 Electromagnetic Induction

PH5.4 Radioactivity and Radioisotopes

PH5.5 Nuclear Energy

PH5 Options

Option A: Further Electromagnetism and Alternating Currents

Option B: Revolutions in Physics

Option C: Materials

Option D: Biological Measurement and Medical Imaging

Option E: Energy Matters

PH6 Experimental Physics

Task A: Data Analysis

Task B: Investigation

Moving on: Beyond 6th Form

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