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Advancing Physics - Wikibooks textbook on Physics, designed to contain everything you need to know for the OCR Physics B (Advancing Physics) specification

G491 Physics in Action

Module 1 : Communication

1.1 Imaging and Signalling

1.2 Sensing

Module 2 : Designer Materials

G492 Understanding Processes, Experimentation and Data Handling

Modules 1 : Waves and Quantum Behaviour

Module 2 : Space, Time and Motion

G493 Physics in Practice

Quality of Measurement

Physics in Use

G494 Rise and Fall of the Clockwork Universe

Module 1 : Models and Rules

1.1 Creating models

1.2 Out into space

1.3 Our place in the universe

Module 2 : Matter in Extremes

2.1 Matter : Very simple

2.2 Matter : Hot or Cold

G495 Field and Particle Pictures

Module 1 : Fields

1.1 Electromagnetic Machines

1.2 Charge and Field

Module 2 : Matter in Extremes

2.1 Probing deep into matter

2.2 Ionising Radiation and Risk

G496 Researching Physics

Practical Investigation

Research Briefing

Moving on: Beyond 6th Form

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