Join FIZX!

As members of FIZX, students from different schools can access

  • a centralised site of general information, advice, hints and tips about AS/A Level Physics
  • a shared community forum for swapping ideas and seeking advice from both each other and from physics teachers across the country
  • resources produced by their own teachers for their course, including worksheets, homeworks, etc

Physics teachers from those same schools can

  • easily contribute to this information
  • access each others' resources and thereby share the best of what is available
  • help to provide online support for all students of AS/A Level Physics

Best of all, it is all free. FIZX was created and is maintained by physics teachers for the sole purpose of making everyone's lives a little easier!

Some of the FIZX site is open to anyone to view (e.g. the general information pages about the course), but most of it is restricted to members. Membership is completely free, but is strictly limited to current Year 12 and Year 13 students of A-level physics courses, and their teachers. Due to the need to ensure that all members genuinely do fit into these categories, becoming a member of FIZX is via your physics teacher (students) or via email (teachers), rather than a simple "click here".

How to join FIZX


1) Tell your physics teacher that you want to join. If they are already a member, they will send you an invitation link via email. This is very quick and easy for them to do and they may be able to do it at the end of a lesson, for instance. (If they are not a member, they will also have to join, which is also quick and easy — direct them to this page.)

2) Click on the link in the email.

3) You will first be asked to obtain a WikiDot account. WikiDot is an international wiki hosting service (the 3rd largest in the world) and is the platform from which FIZX runs. Membership of WikiDot has nothing whatsoever to do with FIZX and any information you share with WikiDot (e.g. your email address) is not shared with FIZX and FIZX members have no access to it. NOTE: although WikiDot allows you to choose anything for your username ("screen name"), you will not be allowed membership of FIZX unless you choose your username to be your full real name, e.g. "Alex Mason" (capital letters and spaces are allowed).

4) Once you have your WikiDot account, you will automatically become a member of FIZX and will have full access to the site.

Please email ku.gro.xzif|nimda#ku.gro.xzif|nimda if you encounter any difficulties with any of this.

FIZX Beginner’s Guide for Students (ppt)


1) Obtain a WikiDot account, by clicking on the link in the top right corner of any FIZX or WikiDot page. As described above, you must choose to use your full real name for your username ("screen name") if you are to be granted membership of FIZX. Capital letters and spaces are allowed, e.g. "Alex Mason".

Please note - your Wikidot user account is completely independent of FIZX and must be obtained by you and in advance of your request to join FIZX. (Wikidot hosts tens of thousands of wikisites, of which FIZX is just one. You need a Wikidot account to join FIZX, but it is not limited to use with the FIZX site.)

2) Email ku.gro.xzif|nioj#ku.gro.xzif|nioj from your school-based email address, stating

  • your name
  • your school's name, address, telephone number and website URL
  • which specification your school uses (e.g. OCR A)
  • your WikiDot username ("screen name") — that you have already obtained, by joining Wikidot yourself.

You will be made a member of FIZX, with "moderator" status. This means that you can edit existing pages and create new ones. This is not without risk to the existing site (!), so please read the teachers' guidance page before doing anything. You will also be able to edit and/or delete inappropriate posts to the forums, which you are very much encouraged to do.

You will also be able to invite your students to become members of FIZX. Just click the "moderators" link at the bottom of the side menu on the left of any page.

FIZX Beginner’s Guide for Teachers (ppt)

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