AQA B Exam dates

AQA AS Level GCE in Physics B 1456

PHYB1 Harmony and structure in the universe (1h 15m)
Thursday 12 January 2012 (pm) or Thursday 17 May 2012 (am)

PHYB2 Physics keeps us going (1h 15m)
Friday 20 January 2012 (am) or Friday 25 May 2012 (pm)

AQA A Level GCE in Physics B 2456

PHYB4 Physics inside and out (1h 45m)
Tuesday 24 January 2012 (pm) or Monday 11 June 2012 (pm)

PHYB5 Energy under the microscope (1h 45m)
Friday 27 January 2012 (pm) or Monday 18 June 2012 (am)

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