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FIZX is a completely free community space for students and teachers of AS/A Level GCE Physics.

Membership of FIZX is strictly limited to Year 12 and 13 physics students and their teachers. Furthermore, FIZX has no access to any personal details of any members as membership of the site is via membership of WikiDot, an international wikisite completely independent of FIZX.

FIZX is absolutely non-commercial in all regards. The site is completely independent and non-profit-making and is not at all associated with any of the exam boards beyond them being the awarding bodies of the courses.

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Who runs FIZX?

The site itself is administrated by two practising physics teachers, ku.gro.xzif|trauts#notgnilliB trautS and ku.gro.xzif|htur#agneluM htuR. The myriad individual schools pages are maintained and contributed to by a host of physics teachers working in schools across the country, delivering the courses to their students week in, week out. Many of these teachers monitor the forums and so are on hand to answer your questions.

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